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=== Solicitors accreditations: How to deal with Police Station Accreditation and PSA Process? ===


If you are in search of '''[[http://www.datalawonline.co.uk|solicitors accreditations]]''' in a particular place, here I can suggest you to take a look on Datalaw online. From this particular company you can know about Police Station Accreditation and PSA Processes. The Police Station Accreditation should be undertaken by anyone who is a solicitor with a practising certificate or a qualified barrister, who wishes to give advice in the police station for which payment is claimed from the Legal Services Commission (LSC). The PSA will be enable you to register with the LSC as a Probationary Representative which is necessary if you are to receive payment from the Legal Aid Fund.

The PSA has been designed to ensure you demonstrate the necessary level of competence to undertake police station work and that the advice you provide is of a sufficiently high standard. The scheme will also ensure that your employer or supervisor considers your training and development needs and that they exercise adequate supervision over you while you complete the accreditation. On completion of the assessment process, you will become a fully Accredited Police Station Representative.


If you able to manage some more times, you can easily understand the factors responsible with this. Please be aware that you must pass either Part B or the CIT within six months of obtaining your PIN. You will then have a further six months to successfully complete the second element. If you fail to pass one of these assessments within six months of obtaining your PIN, you will be suspended from the police station register. This means, amongst other things, that the LSC will not pay you for any police station advice and assistance provided. Subject to the time limit for successfully completing the accreditation assessments, there is no limit on the number of times you may attempt the respective assessments.