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=== How to deal with necessity to access additional services like texting or international calling? ===


If you are a subscriber of '''[[http://www.cellularphones4free.com/assurance-wireless|Assurance wireless]]''' you can feel yourself lucky. There are many reasons for what you feel yourself lucky. Even if you want to call abroad with Assurance wireless applications you can do it very easily without any severe hassles. For this only thing you need to go with is nothing but to spend some money for it. For this you need a credit/ debit card, PayPal or a Virgin mobile Top-Up card to take advantage if you want more offerings.


Yes, you can '''[[http://www.cellularphones4free.com/assurance-wireless|get more info]]''' on Assurance wireless from here. For each messages of text you have to pay around 10 cent. Again, you can go for packages also which you can buy for only 5 dollars and get a lot of text messages offerings and many other things. For various domestic calling also you can go for Assurance wireless application which can be really handful for you.