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= Phentermine – What Makes It Worth It =


Yes the side effects associated with '''Phentermine''' are quite alarming, but proper and responsible use of this drug can do wonders for the quality of your life. All the side effects mentioned regarding the use of '''[[http://phentermineonlineguide.net/|phentemine 37.5]]''' are short term and subside one the body has recovered from the damages of its long term use.


However, the alternates of '''[[http://phentermineonlineguide.net/|phentermine]]''' which usually work on the body rather than the mind and focus on burning or dissolving body fat from within can cause irreparable damage to vital organs like the kidneys and liver. Once these organs are affected by the long term use of these pills, no amount of medication or supplements can undo the damage. So putting up with a few side effects for a limited amount of time is not a big price to pay for how weight loss will improve the quality of your over all life. As soon as the side effects subside and you have your life and body in your control-everything will improve for the better.


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